4 Easy Steps How To Practice Singing

Welcome to the Practice Singing post here at Singing Basics..

Are you still struggling on how to sing properly? You probably know that proper breathing is the ‘heart’ of singing. Well, how to properly practice singing is equally important.

how to practice singing - singing superstarHow to practice singing or the right way of practicing is not really that hard at all. If you think about it really hard it all boils down to 4 super simple but important things that you must always remember whenever you are doing your singing practice lessons:

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  1. First practice singing Tip – vocal warm up exercises
  2. Regular short practice vs. Longer irregular practice schedule
  3. Focus and Full Concentration during practice singing
  4. Stick with the Basics of Singing initially.

How to Practice Singing: Do Warm up

Voice warm up exercises must always be the first thing you do before you do any practice singing activity.  You can compare this in sports where you must first warm up your muscles same goes with your vocal muscles. If you ever notice when you wake up in the morning your voice is a little husky and hoarse.

Your voice wasn’t warmed up!

All through the night while you were sleeping, fluids collected in your throat tissues. Your vocal chords became dry with mucous buildup. This is why you will notice that you are unable to speak normally in the morning. This is because your vocal cords need to be damp to move well. So if you’re preparing to practice singing, warm up is your first stop.

practice singingThe shower is the perfect first place to start your vocal exercise. That is the first place where you should do the practice singing activity for the day. Not only is it the first place you go to when you wake up, but the steam opens up your throat and windpipe and is soft on your vocal cords.

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Water is your friend so drink lots of it. Also remember to drink lots of water—and that doesn’t mean juice, milk, coffee, or soda pop. Liquids such as juice, milk, coffee or sodas is no match in what water can do to your vocal cords. The best singers keep hydrated and may drink up to a gallon of water a day.  Keep a water bottle with you and sip regularly.

How to Practice Singing: Short Sessions Often

how to practice singingRegular short practice vs. Longer irregular practice schedule in your singing lessons. The latter is preferred and should be followed by anyone who is serious about learning how to sing.

When you begin your training and practice singing procedure and activities, shorter singing practice sessions several times a day are better than one big practice session every few days.

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The shorter singing practices will enable you to keep your focus and not tire the new vocal muscles you’re beginning to stretch.

How to Practice Singing: Concentrate

Focusing on something that you want to accomplish perfectly or just about anything that you do is the key. For singing, whenever you do your singing exercises, always concentrate and feel every note you sing. Feel the physical sensations that each exercise causes.  Listen closely to each sound and note the change. The more aware you become of your singing apparatus, the more control you will have.

How to practice singing: Don’t overdo it

Remember the techniques that we’ve been discussing here should not cause your voice or vocal cord or your throat to get tired or tense.  If you’ve been doing it properly, this should not be the case.  The discomfort may be caused by using your outer muscles too much, forcing sounds out rather than letting them flow naturally, or singing your exercises too loudly. (A moderate volume is best for practice singing.)