Buying Vocal Release? Read This Review First!

Every Vocal Release review on the web praises this singing software as providing singers access to expert advice from the leading professionals in the music industry today. This is just one of the many features that make Voice Release stand out from other “do-it-yourself” and self-help singing programs that are available in the market.

Vocal Release boasts of very detailed voice lessons, which experienced singers can also benefit from. In fact, the program is more suited for individuals with a grasp of basic vocal techniques, although beginners can still learn from it.


The Vocal Release program consists of comprehensive text and audio materials. It is available as a CD and book set or you can download it straight from the web. These materials are specifically designed for singers who are determined to improve their singing.

Diagnosing Your Voice

One of the lessons in Vocal Release is on diagnosing your own voice, an important skill that will help you to identify problematic areas that need to be addressed. Aside from this, you will learn how to build your own singing style based on the elements and qualities of your own voice.

Obviously, Vocal Release is an in-depth training program, since it includes instructionals on songwriting and stage performance. Whether you have aspirations of becoming a professional singer or you only seek to improve your voice, Vocal Release is the program for you.

One lesson that may prove interesting and beneficial is on expanding your vocal range. Singers know how challenging it is to expand their vocal range since changes in breathing techniques need to be done. While it can be difficult to get rid of bad voice habits, the lessons and exercises in Vocal Release make it fun and easy to do.

The Value of Control

Vocal Release emphasizes the importance of discipline and control. All of the lessons address the need to control every aspect of singing, including your larynx, diaphragm, pitch, resonance, just to name a few. By achieving control, you will gain a more powerful voice capable of reaching a much wider range – the ultimate goal of all singers seeking lessons to improve their voice.


Even if you have received instruction from voice teachers or other online courses, Vocal Release is very helpful in improving your singing. Some reviewers of the program have even gone so far as to claim that they received advice which was not taught to them by their previous teachers, one of them being how to develop an even voice.

Problems with head voice and chest voice have long plagued even professional singers. While, by instinct, you may know what’s wrong with your voice, many teachers mislead their student with generic advice, which may even prove damaging to the voice. Vocal Release is a tailored singing program which will enable you to find your voice’s full range and develop resonance without cracks in tone.

A Serious Program for Serious Singers

If you are serious in your goals of improving your singing, you need not look for other singing software other than Vocal Release. Unlike other singing programs that focus on trivial topics, Vocal Release immediately addresses the important issues, specifically voice control and range expression.

To make sure that this is the right program for you, you can make inquiries with the Vocal Release staff. Tell them about your voice concerns and ask for more information about the product.

Indeed, Vocal Release is the serious program for serious singers.

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