Do The Glee Actors Really Sing?

Do The Glee Actors Really Sing?Do The Glee Actors Really Sing? If you’ve been watching TV for the past year or so, I am sure you heard about the musical tv series from FOX called ‘Glee’. The show garnered an amazing praise for their pilot season and continues to do in their second one. But many asks “Do they really sing in glee’? For those of you who wants to know how to sing watching Glee is kind of motivating.

Do they really sing in glee?

Do the Glee actors really sing in their TV series? That is what everybody wants to know right? I mean, if you can see them in the show, they are amazing! They look good and they sing great!

First of all, I can safely say that the guest stars in Glee actually really do sing! Take the first guest on the second season for example, Charice Pempengco, really do sings her part.

Do The Glee Actors Really Sing?

As for the cast of GLee, here is what the show’s IMDB page says:

“All cast members do their own singing and dancing.”

But of course, they do first record the songs in a studio and they just lip sync when taping an episode.

Hope that answers the very famous and common question that is, Do The Glee Actors Really Sing?