How To Increase Vocal Range

So you want to expand your vocal range, or want to know how to increase vocal range, or expand my vocal range? It’s basically the same as with our post on vocal singing lessons. Go there, apply the tips and you will soon expand your vocal range.

Anyway are several things that you can do to accomplish this and increase vocal range. You must be aware that it will take time for you to notice that you have vocal range since vocal chords do take some time to adjust. The technique here on how to increase vocal range is constant and regular practice. In doing so, you’ll soon be able to hit notes you’ve never hit before.

To further aid you with this goal, below are a couple of tips that can  help you increase your vocal range.

Increase Vocal Range Tip #1

Use Scales

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Boring as it may seem, but scale is very important. It is the single most important way of increase vocal range or increasing it. Use the scales to help accomplish your goal. Let your vocal chords get used to singing various notes in the (high) scales. Go higher and lower to work on stretching out that range. The use of scales is one of the best things you can do to stretch your range and it will assists you to measure your progress to get your goal.

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When you are trying to reach new notes, make sure you only touch on those notes. You’ll be able to go further on the scales, which will encourage you to keep working hard. Don’t linger on notes that are not comfortable for you until you become more comfortable with that note. This is important if you want to increase vocal range, ok?

Increase Vocal Range Tip #2

Increase Vocal Range – Alternate Practice Days

Practice makes perfect and in increasing your vocal range, it helps if you change your practice schedule on what notes to sing, alternate your days.  Here is how you go about it. On some days you should go with high notes and on others you should focus on the low notes. Doing this will both improve your range on high and low at the same time. On the low days, focus on doing scales that are below middle C, and on the high days, you can work on doing scales that are above middle C.

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Increase Vocal Range Tip #3

Use Your Diaphragm

More than a handful of people practicing singing forget to use the diaphragm when they are working on their range. This is important to increase vocal range. They may overlook the consequences that they may not only hurt tone quality, but it can affect your range as well. Every singers should know that one of the most important things you can do to expand your vocal range is  to use your diaphragm. With proper support from the diaphragm, you’ll be better able to stretch to reach those notes and increase your vocal range.

Expand Your Vocal Range Tip #4

Spend Plenty of Time Practicing

Expand your vocal range
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Don’t get discourage by this. Like mentioned before, practice makes perfect. It is going to take plenty of time practicing, and you should expect this,  for you to expand your vocal range. You can’t accomplish this only singing a few minutes a day. Usually, although suggestions of many voice teachers may vary, it is best to spend about five hours or so practicing.

This way you are always using and stretching the vocal chords, which will help you to see results. However, you don’t want to overdo it either. Practicing too much could end up stressing the vocal chords, which won’t help you expand your range at all.

Increase Vocal Range Tip #5

Always Warm Up First – Expand Vocal Range

Always make sure that you warm up first before you work on expanding your range. Warm up routines will help to get your vocal chords warmed up, which is important before you start stretching them.

You also need to know the basics of singing before you try trying to expand to avoid damaging your vocal chords.

That’s all there is to it! Learn these tips by heart, practice and in no time you will notice that your vocal range has expanded or increased dramatically! Wow! Congrats to that!

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Keep this important tips on how to increase vocal range and you’ll be on your way to be a better singer!