How to Sing a Duet?

A well sung duet can literally cast a spell on your audience. Duet songs have so much more to them than a solo performance as it gives you the freedom for the highs and lows of the song far more easily than a lone singer can. But duets are not just about two good singers singing together a well written composition. The chemistry between the two singers is vital for the quality of the song.

The pair is chosen in accordance of the theme of the song or the relationship in consideration. If it a love song, the duet will be sung by a male singer and a female singer. If it’s about friendship, camaraderie, brotherhood or any similar topic then it will be preferably sung by two male singers.

It is very important that the relationship expressed in the song is also felt between the singers to give the song the right feeling. Also, each singer should the give the other person space or try to dominate. Rather both of them should limit themselves and let the other singer come to the fore. The idea is to bring out the best in your partner while he does the same for you. So the most important point is finding a singer who will complement your singing and you would do the same for him or her. Singing with someone who has the same level as you and who can match your scales. An interesting and effective way to bring out chemistry will singing a duet is maintaining eye contact with your partner and acknowledging their portions of the song by a nod of the head or a simply a smile.

Remember, the styles of both singers should be similar to create harmony in the song but the vocal range can be different. In fact the larger the difference between the ranges of the two singers, the more you can go for high and low notes to make the song exciting. Do not let your attention go for a walk in the park while your partner is singing. Not listening carefully to your partners portion will simply lead you to missing your cue and see to it that you are not able to join the song on the right time which can be disastrous for your performance.

If the two singers are singing for the first time you can even go ahead with even prompting your partner of the cue with your hands or a nod. Remember, duets are all about team work and if your partner fails, you will fail with him. If you have a stronger partner you should not hesitate to take the back seat while if you are the stronger of the two make sure that you take your partner with you. You can spice up the song with a few dramatic expressions. A love song can be spiced up by looking into your partner’s eyes while a light song can be helped with a few light dance steps. Remember, a duet song comprises of two people and any one of them trying to hog the limelight will lead to a total failure.

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