How to Sing and Play Guitar Same Time!

How to Sing and Play Guitar So Both Sound Good!

While many singing musicians make it look so easy, learning how to sing and play the guitar at the same time requires a lot of practice. Since you need to time one sung word to a note or a series of notes that are played on the guitar, you will discover that you are essentially playing the same song, but at different rhythms.

In order to effectively deal with this challenging combination and master it, you will need to tackle certain skills like the ones enumerated below…

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  • Match song syllables to the corresponding guitar notes
  • Singing on pitch
  • Singing while maintaining a regular strumming pattern
  • Maintaining coordination
  • Keeping song rhythms in sync
  • Maintaining timing throughout the duration of the song

While it may seem like an extremely difficult challenge to play different rhythms simultaneously, thousands of people have successfully mastered the techniques involved. Take note of the simple guidelines below.

Make It Simple – Sing and Play Guitar

how to sing play guitar
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Most amateurs make the mistake of trying to do too many things at one time. They often choose to start with their favorite songs, only to discover just how complicated and difficult they are to either sing or play on guitar, or both. As a result, either the singing or the guitar playing suffers. While the performance of the song is exceptional, the strumming becomes repetitive, loss its rhythm, or the variation is completely lost.

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Start simple. Choose the simplest song that is both easy for you to sing and play on guitar. The best song choice is one that is within your vocal range and has a simple, regular beat. This will enable you to master the basic techniques of singing and playing guitar together.

Start by humming the song while learning how to play the backing notes and chords on the guitar. By mastering the chords, you will become less and less conscious of your hand movements as you strum or pluck on the guitar strings, so that you can concentrate on your singing and the lyrics of the song.

What is particularly tricky when singing and playing guitar simultaneously is timing. The words need to be timed with specific notes or chords. If the timing is off, either you end up singing ahead of your guitar or the reverse happens. Observe the performances of singing musicians. Hitting the right syllables or words with the corresponding chords helps to heighten the performance. But this would come later.

For now, as an amateur, keep it simple. Practice the first verse before going on to the second verse. Following this verse-by-verse practice, you can master a simple sing very quickly.

You can also make things easier for you by choosing a song wherein both the guitar and song rhythms are the same. This will help to maintain synchronization between your singing and your guitar hand.

Use Your Imagination

how to sing and play guitar
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As a newbie singer, you will have to develop the mental skills to be able to imagine pitch, the alignment of your body, and your voice’s being able to produce the right notes. This strategy for physical and harmony visualization will help you to learn how to sing and play guitar at the same time.

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As an example, you can imagine yourself singing the song and playing the guitar inside your head. If the song happens to be one that you know very well, you can envision your fingers as it forms the chords on the guitar’s fretboard. Some individuals use a recording of the song to aid them in the visualization process. They first sing along with the music while taking note of the timing and rhythm of the guitar. In this way, they are able to blend the rhythms of their singing and guitar playing.

While there are no set rules on learning how to sing and play guitar at the same time, singing lessons can aid you in learning the techniques. Last but certainly not least, the most important way by which to master it is through regular practice and discipline.