Improve Your Singing Voice

Anyone who is serious about singing should consider taking the steps to improving their singing voice. Amateurs would need to take basic lessons with a singing teacher. A certified instructor can guide you and give you feedback to help you realize the potential of your voice.

Before you decide to take the necessary steps to improve your singing voice, you need to do a thorough evaluation of your musical goals and the present condition of your voice. Do a recording of yourself singing and then listen to it. You may or may not be happy with the way your recorded voice sounds.

The next step is to evaluate the vocal techniques of the singers that you admire. Take note of the techniques that you would like to follow as well as those you don’t like. Mention why you don’t like a particular vocal technique.

How to Improve Your Singing

Listen to singers from other genres, including opera. Again, write down what techniques you like or don’t like and your reasons. Listen carefully to singers who perform your favorite music styles and particular talents whose voices you would want your own voice to become. In the case of opera singers, take note of tone quality, dynamics, phrasing and vibrato. The best operas to listen to so you can evaluate voice are those in foreign languages, so you won’t be distracted by the lyrics.

Once you have listened to a variety of singers, you need to ask yourself why you sing. You may be singing because you enjoy it or the church choir director coerced you into filling an empty slot (Don’t despair if this is the case. This means that the director recognized talent in you.).

You would later need to ask yourself more questions – the kind of music you want to sing and your musical goals (such as if you want to become a music teacher, aspiring for a role in your local musical production, or you have definite plans of pursuing a professional career).

Your answers to these questions will help guide you on the path you should take. Not only will you know where you are at present and the direction you want to go, you can plan out the necessary steps that you need to take to attain your goals.

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While there is nothing wrong about aiming high, be realistic and keep yourself grounded. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and the only way you can attain it is through hard work, discipline, patience and dedication. Set up a career plan and see it through. Seek instruction from singing coaches and certified professionals who will be your partner in your goal of improving your singing voice.

Sadly, you may not be able to find a teacher in your area or their fees may be too expensive. Don’t give up hope. Instead, do some research on online singing courses. Many of the high-quality online singing programs, such as Singing Is Easy or Singorama, teach the basics of singing as well as give advice on improving your voice and stage performance skills.

There are, however, two disadvantages to online singing courses. First, because most of them follow a “one-size-fits-all” approach, some singing programs may not be able to address all of the issues that you have with your voice, and there are no alternative techniques or exercises available. Secondly, you will not get feedback on your progress compared to if you have your own teacher. You will have to rely on listening to your recorded voice or ask for comments from a trusted friend or family member who will be happy to listen to you sing.

Getting objective feedback is vital if you want to improve your singing voice. It would be very difficult to improve if you don’t know which specific vocal problems you need to address. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to overly criticize yourself to the point that you slowly begin to lose confidence. Be honest with yourself and be realistic. Use tone samples in online singing courses to compare your progress.

Whatever instructional method you choose, you need to work hard and practice regularly in order to attain your goal. Through perseverance, your singing voice will improve by leaps and bounds, so that you will be much closer to achieving your dream.

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