Breathing Exercises For Singing

The very foundation of great singing is knowing the proper way to breath and learn to control breathing, which can be achieved by doing proper breathing exercises for singing. In this article we will explore the different types of breathing exercises for singing and is very important if you really want to learn how to sing.

First Breathing Exercises For Singing – Diaphragm Training

The purpose of our first breathing exercises for singing isĀ  for us to train our diaphragm as well as the muscles that are surrounding it. We do this in order to get the strength to maintain a fix and constant amount of power when we sing. Doing this will also train our breath control. This way we can manipulate the dynamics or the loud and the soft of a song with greater ease. To do this produce the ‘ssss’ sound. This breathing exercises for singing may sound simple but what is required is to focus on making the sound stable and strong and keeping the loudness constant.

Second Singing Exercise – Diaphragm Training

That first breathing exercises for singing ought to have been fairly simple, and it is. For the second one, the breathing exercise builds on the the first singing exercise, but requires more TENSION within the diaphragm as well as the abdominal muscles. Produce the same ‘ssss’ sound, but this time, try to do it as loudly as you can, expelling the air via that small hole from your air balloon as rapidly as you can!

(breathing exercises for singing) “SSSS!!!!!!!”

breathing exercises for singing in singoramaYou will discover that you should be unable to sustain or you will have a hard time with this loud sound for too long, but you could be using much more force in your abdominal area whenever you are producing this sound. This trains our diaphragm and its surrounding muscles to be in a position to handle higher levels of tension, which would be necessary for us to support the high notes in a song.

Our 3rd and final breathing exercise for singing is slightly various from the first two exercises. Look at this series of ‘ssss’ and see if you can create the sounds that i want. “sss! sss! sss! sss! sss!”

In doing this breathing exercises for singing and you produced a series of light and bouncy ‘ssss’ sounds, congratulations! that’s exactly what i would like you to complete! This helps us to become in a position to train our diaphragm to become more FLEXIBLE, and to become able to sing fast songs and staccato sections of a song with higher ease!

Keep this breathing exercises for singing into heart and you will be on your way in becoming a better singer!