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Free Vocal Training… Learn to Breathe All Over Again

vocal warm up exercisesThis article will be about Free Vocal Training. We don’t usually think about breathing since it is part of our lives and an automatic process. It’s involuntary and we don’t have to think about it.  We probably only think about it when we have health problems and the doctor needs to know how is your breathing.  But this is not the case in singing.

Well, for this free vocal training post, we will.

Singing will  become the most important factor that you need to understand, manipulate and control. Learning to breath or making yourself aware of how you breath is important in singing in this Free Vocal Training.

This is true and many of the professional singers today can attest to that. The whole singing process is dependent on air and one of the main determinants of the quality of the singing depends of how you manage the air flow throughout your body. A Free voice training, here what to do,  an important aspect of singing is that you should be able to hold notes, sustain it as long as necessary without being short of breath. Aside from that, you also need to control the rate of air passage out of the body.

Breathing Control

Understanding how to regulate and handle the release of air from the lungs is the initial step when you are starting your vocal training, and that’s an important free vocal training tip here. You must control the air release based on the words and notes you are applying. This is what makes breathing for singing more completely different from breathing for talking.

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To put it simply, you have no certain pattern or need for air at a specific moment when you breath normally. You just breathe. When you sing, you do not run out of air too soon in the middle of the set because the air you exhale is controlled. For our free vocal training tip, you have to learn control, that’ s the only way to make certain that you can complement the exhalation process to the singing.

Below are a couple of free vocal training that focus on the abdomen muscles, which control how fast air is expelled during the exhalation process.

Free Vocal Training – Exercise 1

  • Stand using good posture
  • Place your feet approximately shoulder width apart
  • Extend both arms out until they are perpendicular to your body
  • Turn the palms down
  • Breathe in for 3 to 4 seconds
  • Hold your breath for 3 to 4 seconds
  • Breathe out for 3 to 4 seconds

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Free Vocal Training – Exercise 2

  • Stand using good posture
  • Place your feet approximately shoulder width apart
  • Breathe in deeply
  • Exhale as long as possible while making a hissing sound
Free Vocal Training
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How to control the release of air is what these two basic breathing exercises teach you and that’s an important free vocal training.  In the first one, you can start increasing the amount of time you spend talking in air and exhaling air. This will show you to manage the time it takes to let go of the air and will also, at the same time, increase lung capacity.

In exercise two of free vocal training, you are learning to release air steadily. You don’t want your breath coming out in short bursts or gasps, as that is completely contrary to the act of singing, which requires a steady stream of connected sounds.

Important Breath Training

Many voice and singing teacher that give free vocal training will tell you that breathing is important in singing and this will be the first training that you will be taught. Songs have specific notes and proper breathing is required to sing it properly.

Free Vocal Training
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For example, long notes require extended steady exhalation without interruption. The range of pitches that you must glide through when singing also requires breathing control.

If you keep on doing this exercise, it will become second nature to you just. This will be sooner than you may thing so it is recommended that you do this breathing exercises regularly. When you sing, the things like breathing pace of holding notes will not matter as they will now come naturally.

Expand your capacity during Free Vocal Training with the aid of a number of available breathing lessons. Try to concentrate too on avoiding tension while you are working on your breathing control.  In other words, try not to exhale air to the point where tension is created in the vocal cords because you are trying to force air out that doesn’t exist.

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